Our Commitment to the Environment

Legacy Homes is committed to building a greener Ottawa. We are passionate about what we build, and that’s why we use only the latest materials and building techniques, as well as environmentally sustainable products. Energy efficiency is standard in all our homes. We are a certified ENERGY STAR builder, in fact, we are one of the pioneer custom builders in Ottawa to join the program.

The Certified ENERGY STAR Builder Program

What savings can we expect from an ENERGY STAR home?

An ENERGY STAR home will be approximately 40% more efficient than homes built to standard Ontario Building Codes and approximately 20% more efficient than better quality new homes.

  • Direct savings to owners of ENERGY STAR homes have been evaluated at approximately a 20% "rate of return on initial investment". Home independently tested to meet strict ENERGY STAR requirements for new homes.
  • Technical specifications and registered with Natural Resources Canada for improved resale value.
  • ENERGY STAR homes are on average 30% more efficient, saving you $750 to $1,250 a year on energy bills as well as protecting the environment.
What does it take to achieve ENERGY STAR status?

Before building an ENERGY STAR certified home, builders and homebuyers will meet with a licensed third-party evaluator who will work to develop a package of energy-savings features that may include:

  • higher wall, ceiling and foundation insulation levels
  • tighter building envelope combined with controlled whole-house ventilation levels
  • ENERGY STAR higher efficiency heating and hot water systems
  • ENERGY STAR high performance windows and doors
  • Lower electrical energy usage
  • ENERGY STAR appliances

Once an energy-savings package has been developed and the home is constructed, the third-party evaluator will return and confirm that the ENERGY STAR requirements have been met.